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My Projects

These are some of our acclaimed projects designed and executed by us at Touchwood Automations. I assure that each one of you will find a home cinema experience in a room similar to yours. These accomplishments are the results of effective planning and coordination with multiple agencies that are involved in the process like electrical, false ceiling, carpentry and design teams.

Sachin Kataria_4.jpeg

Project Gripper

Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

Trust and Credibility are the two most important factors that helped us win this project against the designer's preferred local agency. This Home Cinema experience was completed with Klipsch Custom Install Reference Premium Speakers, Denon Receiver and Epson 4K Projector.

Project Renovate

Kudje, Maharashtra

This has been an interesting work of re-shifting and upgrading the home cinema system from its original location of the customer's house to their new farmhouse which is an hour away from Pune, India. The Atmos system includes Martin Logans On-Wall speakers with Marantz receiver and Optoma Projector. 


Project Sea Face

Mumbai, Maharashtra

This high end Living Room of a Penthouse at Malabar Hills, Mumbai opens up to 2 vast terraces and Arabian sea. The requirement was for a 3 Zone Audio Setup with Surround sound in the Living and 2 Terraces being 2 zones, respectively. The biggest challenge was to find the speakers which could outperform the old Magnaplanar speakers of client.

Project Royale

Chinchwad, Maharashtra

This dedicated 12 seater cinema room was very challenging, as the room opened on one side to a double height Dining Area and required right acoustic treatment in the partition, while the client also demanded for high performance system inside the room which was executed with Tannoy 400Watts Front LCR in a 7.2.4 Configuration and JVC Projector.

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