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Looking for a Reliable Home Theater Consultant near you?

Me and My Team are here to help you in the best possible way!

Right from product quotes to reliable vendors near you, from verification to assurances for purchase, from virtual site tours to best solutions, from hiring for a job to designing your entire home cinema room. We have got you covered to the best of our knowledge and expertise!

We are technically speaking, your nearest, fastest and one of the best home theater designers in India who are just a click away. Customer Experience and Prompt Service have always been our pillars of success, which makes us the preferred AV partner for more than thousands of clients across India. Our base is in Pune, but since long we have done installations in and around Maharashtra, as well as Karnataka, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

Check out our top 3 Services designed especially for you.

Phone on Desk

Do you need verification before investing money in home technology? Or are you confused what system to buy?

For such and many more questions, this can be your perfect option as we can schedule a Telephonic 20 mins conversation to solve all your problems and requirements.

Family Video Call

Is your Home under Construction or Renovation? Do you want me to walk through your layout, floor plan or do a virtual site tour?

Sign up now and let's do a one hour video call. I believe your unique home deserves my full attention to help you with basic wiring architecture to build Smart Home of Future!


Still confused what to buy? Or need electrical layouts urgently to begin your wiring work? How about we design a Home Theater together?

Use this service and let my team do the hard job of electrical layouts, coordination with your team and agencies virtually along with cable inspection.

Have some more queries or want to get in touch?

Take Me to Your Cinema Room

Site Visits, the thing that everyone insists to do is Here!

Let us go on a virtual tour to your Project to understand and design best solutions!

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