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Best Home Theater Consultant in India

Hey Buddy,

I'm Tanmay Mehta,

Designing Custom Home Technology Solutions in this world, where you are surrounded by people selling only 'BRANDS'.

After successfully delivering more than thousands of SMART Homes across India, and practically learning infinite electronic gadgets, products and systems since last 8 years, you can also refer me as a Technology DOCTOR who can advise, guide and cure your Electronic Problems and Requirements.

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I am here to help you make well-informed decisions while buying anything to everything in Home Technology. Me and my company follow a 6D approach, which starts from Defining the requirements to Debriefing the solution proposed. You can get to know me better by checking my Profile and I will love to know more about you, so feel free to drop in your details below.

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Home theater speaker solutions with TV, Projector and Surround Sound experience is now possible to design by using this super fun and interactive tool.

Screen Size vs Distance Calculator

Going Maximum or Going Big may not be the best when it comes to TV and Projector Screens.

It is the viewing distance, application and the video resolution that matters!

Trust. Honesty. Guidance

Vamsi Valeti

It was nice experience talking to Tanmay regarding my home theater setup.


I had different perspective regarding my setup whereas after talking to him it totally changed and got new inputs and some myths got busted out 😜. 


Thanks for your guidance, I even got space to accommodate few more seating arrangements in my dream theater room. 

Navneel Bhanot

I decided to contact Tanmay after watching one of his youtube videos.


It was the one of the best decisions of my home theatre setup journey. He not only answered all of my queries but also achieve the best home theatre design, configuration, acoustics and sound experience and suggested right brand and models.

Thank you Tanmay!

Ratiranjan Senapati

Setting up a HT was my dream but I was in a dilemma of whether the room size is sufficient, whether i can have Dolby Atmos experience and what will be a minimalistic budget without compromising on the quality.

Tanmay was very explanatory in answering all my queries and clearing all my doubts.

Definitely, I will work with him and his team to setup the HT.

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