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How to Plan Cost for Home Theater Room? Best Rule for Home Theater Setup | Tips for Theater Room

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

The pandemic has forced everyone to stay home and a thought that a lot of movie lovers and sports fans will be having at the moment is to design a home theater room. Whether you have a lot of money to spend or are concerned about spending too much money due to the current economic state, this article will be the ultimate guide for all of you.

The Theater room is complete with 3 things –

Audio Video Equipment’s

Acoustics and room décor


In this article, you will find the best Rule to plan your finances for a dedicated home theater room. It is very important to know your budget right, as it can help you realize where to spend on home theater, how much to spend on home theater room, why to spend on certain equipment and products in a theater room, and where not to spend in a theater room.

In most of the cases, we use the 60:20:20 rule. This has helped us design some of the best private home theater rooms in India and abroad, and we continue to apply this rule for most of our projects where the systems are great, acoustics and room ambiance are cool, and the recliners are comfortable. Home Theater Room Design ideas can come in handy when you know your costs right! And if you need to design your Custom Home Cinema Room with me then Click Here.

60-20-20 Rule

Let’s consider we are planning a Home theater of 12ft x 18ft. and we have a budget of 10lac INR. Now as per rule you should divide 60% of your fund to buy Audio-video Equipment gear. As they are the first and the most important parameter of any dedicated home theater.

Then the 20% we will spend on acoustics. Because that will give you feeling of entering the cinema room as you walk in Plus the acoustics will help you to reduce the noise and help in soundproofing the dedicated cinema room.

The last 20% you should spend in a recliner, good chair, seating arrangement of the home theater room. See no one enjoys the movie if you are not in a comfortable seating arrangement. Everything is good and if you use normal chairs then it’s not worth it at all.

A good quality home theater room will be achieved when you have a perfect combination of acoustics, equipment and electronics, and seating options. Whether you are planning for a DIY service or you hire a Consultant or Home Theater Design Service, this video gives you complete control over planning and executing a home theater room.

Click here to watch the full video explaining the 60-20-20 rule


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