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Recommended Screen Size for Viewing Distance | How to Calculate Screen Size for Projector?

How much is too much? One of the common feelings that any home theater buyer shares, is that I want to install the biggest screen possible in my room.

But guess what, just because you have large space or big wall doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to use it all.

In my last 8+ years of experience, the screen size expectations of most of the customers has been on a bigger scale. After all who doesn't want a King Size Screen for movie experience.

But the industry standard has always been different. Our efforts are in ensuring no movement of neck, but only of your eye balls. And to achieve this, you need to first know about these two terms -

  1. SMPTE – Society of Motion Pictures and Television Engineers

  2. THX - Tomlinson Holman's eXperiment

These two organizations have defined the distances for various screen sizes. These viewing distance and screen size calculator or chart is for Projector Screen and not for Television sets.

For Television size guide you can click here.

Before we jump towards the chart, it is very important to know these two things –

1. Screen Size – It is always measured in diagonals (Opposite Corners)

2. Aspect Ratio – HDTV standard aspect ratio is in 16:9 format and the below chart is as per this aspect ratio.

Let us now check out the screen sizes for your viewing distance.

  • 92" Diagonal Screen size -

  • 106" Diagonal Screen Size -

  • 120" Diagonal Screen Size -

  • 133" Diagonal Screen Size -

  • 150" Diagonal Screen Size -

The above chart shares the information of ideal viewing distance for various standard screen sizes available in the market for any home theater buyer.

Was this an eye opener for all of you? Share your take-aways and screen size in the comments below.

When you have two or more rows, then this is what you need to do -

  1. Consider the main sweet spot chair in your room and measure the distance

  2. Take an average distance of the rows from the screen wall and determine the diagonal screen size

Want to understand the screen height from the floor? Then make sure to watch our complete video here

And if you have more queries, or want me to help you guide with a custom screen size, viewing distance and home cinema design then you have to click here.


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