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The picture quality on White Wall vs Projector Screen | Reasons to Buy Screen

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

With the increase in demand for Home Theater systems and Projectors, many people are wondering if Screens are necessary and can be compromised by projecting the image directly on the wall.

Today we are going to talk about 4 Reasons for Buying Screen is important than using the wall as a screen. One of the most common myths or beliefs that people have is, “I can project on my WHITE WALL!” Guess what, you have just lost 35% of your projector investment!

Want to know how? Well, Screens are irreplaceable with the wall for many reasons –

  • Reflection Gain

  • Uniform Surface

  • Dust Issue

  • Dullness

Reflection Gain –

Just the way weight is measured in kg or pound, height is measured in inches or feet, a reflection of light/image from any surface is measured in reflection gain. Glass, Walls, Wood, Laminates, etc. all have reflection gain. Now the light/image emitted by a Projector screen is always considered high in comparison with other surfaces due to their reflection gain.

A regular projection screen has a basic reflection gain of 1.1 and above, whereas white walls have a reflection gain of not more than 0.75. The more the reflection gain it is better.

Uniform Surface –

A projection screen is a fabric, which has a uniform, seamless and smooth texture producing straight reflections from the projector’s lamplight. This phenomenon cannot be seen on a wall, due to which the reflections will be irregular and will hamper the image quality produced on the wall. Walls have uneven texture and may not smooth as fabric too.

Wall may look smooth to you from the outside but, the uneven surface we can’t see with naked eyes you need a magnifying glass to watch it. Better use a screen to avoid such drama.

Dust Issue –

Dust is one of the most common factors in countries like India. And it cannot be ignored when it comes to screen or wall surface selection. With Projection screens, you have an option of keeping the screen folded either with a spring-based push-pull mechanism or through remote control motorized option. But the same facility cannot be availed on the wall.

The dust will continue to accumulate on the wall and unlike a screen, even if wiped with a dry cloth the dust will continue spreading further. These micro-infinite dust particles are going to reduce the reflection gain causing more damage to your viewing experience. Even if we tried to clear the dust we can’t achieve 100% accuracy or near to projector screen.

Dullness –

For all the above reasons, a White Wall or a Painted Projection Screen wall cannot be a long-term option as it will not produce a great colorful image forever. A projector screen will continue to shine forever with little care and will complete your desirable home cinema or viewing experience. Also, the cost of a screen is lesser than 10-15% of your total home cinema budget, and hence, compromising on the same is not worth it!

So, the next time you feel like avoiding the screen, do so only for a quick presentation of not more than 10-15 minutes. But for a longer and correct experience, ensure the use of a Projector Screen!

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