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Wireless Speaker or a Soundbar | Let's just call it Naim MuSo Hi Fi

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Somebody said it right that a Lifestyle is determined not just by the way you live but also with the choices you make. And when it comes to making a choice between speakers for your glamorous Living and Drawing Rooms, there are only a handful of brands and products which can deliver a great sound and at the same time look stunning on your shelves.

We recently bumped into one such masterpiece from the British Hi fi Manufacturer Naim Audio. Naim has been in the business of manufacturing Hi-Fi electronics since 1973, and it became a popular name in the Indian Hi-Fi space post 2011 when it merged with a popular Home and Car Loudspeaker brand, Focal.

Naim Audio has been known for its finest range of products which are designed using 4 engineering principles, viz. Space - (Between Components), Circuitry - (Precise and Accurate), Material - (Finish Quality) and Technology - (Audio and Manufacturing). It is very evident in the speaker that I explored, the Naim Muso 2.

Naim Muso 2 is the latest 2nd Gen model from Naim’s Muso series, which supports wide range of connectivity options like Airplay 2, Chromecast, Spotify, Tidal, Bluetooth, Internet Radio and UPnP playback from Center Server. The speaker also features hard connections like Analog Stereo Jack, Optical output, USB and the HDMI ARC, which makes it a perfect shelf partner to enjoy 2.0 Digital Output from TV.

The new gen model scores over the predecessor with faster processing, better DSP and louder volume and bass.

One of the key highlights in the Mu-So family is its proximity sensor on the volume dial which lights up as you approach closer and has got massive control with 15 intuitive touch-sensitive buttons. Remote is made of plastic but I believe that is to let you build a connection with the speaker using its crisp Control App and classy Touch Dial.

Other key highlight is the aesthetics of this speaker with heat sinks in the rear and wavy grilles pattern in the front. It gives a feel of floating in the musical wave yet with a robust and strong body. The Dual Band Wi-Fi Antenna is also hidden quietly in these heat sinks for neat and clean design. The casing is all premium aluminium and the burnished grey finish makes this product, an exclusive piece of art and sound in your homes.

Mu-So 2 has 2 of 5” oval shaped woofers, 1” dome tweeters and 2” mid-range drivers which delivers 450 Watts of Music Power. Unlike the traditional black grilles, Muso 2 gives you a choice of three new colored grilles viz. Olive, Terracotta and Peacock.

Olive and Peacock are my favourite.

We thought of playing some British bands and enjoyed the music quality from the speakers especially during the Bohemian Rhapsody. We also played some Bollywood latest B Praak tracks, especially Ranjha and the deep vokals are surprisingly superb in this speaker. Tighter bass and Loud sound can make your feet dance and the tonal quality remains constant irrespective of the speaker location in the room.

Talking about location, the settings in Naim App lets you configure the speakers as per 3 standards – Near the Wall, Near a Corner, Placed in a middle. The acoustic correction works to some extent though I could not feel much of a difference while shuffling from the wall to middle.

Naim Muso 2 can integrate well with Apple’s Home Kit and Google Home, and you can use their voice assistance to control the music on this speaker. Using Muso speakers to setup wireless multi-Room solutions across your home with or without their family of products is extremely easy too. The Roon Ready feature is actually an additional boon in case of amplifying the experience of music playback with wider information about the tracks which can deliver lossless high-res audio from your collection.

Priced at Rs. 1,90,000/- in Indian markets, Naim can surely be your Lifestyle Speaker/Soundbar in your Living and Drawing Rooms. And if you want to further up the game, then check out the Bentley edition special version which is at Rs. 3 lakhs.

Naim and Bentley have partnership since 2008 for providing audio system in the luxury car maker and the Bentley edition Muso 2 comes with a special colour and finish edition inspired by the luxury automobile designs.

If you want to watch the entire video of this speaker, then check out my Youtube Channel. And if you have got some more exciting speakers or want my opinions on your selection of products, then drop comments below.


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