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Optoma UHD 33 vs Epson EH-TW 7100 | Which one is Better Optoma vs Epson 4K Projector?

How many times does it happen with you, that you make up your mind with one product, and suddenly you also get a recommendation for another product?

This leaves us in the state of confusion and making decision gets more and more tougher.

I was under the same confusion like all of you, when I was mentally convinced for Epson EH-TW 7100 but I also got to know about Optoma UHD 33 delivering fantastic experience. And to arrive towards conclusion with conviction, I decided to compare these two projectors side by side.

If this happens with you too while selecting Speakers, AVRs, Projectors or anything else in home cinema segment, then feel free to talk to me for 20 minutes and allow me to help you. I may not know all, but in my last 8+ years of work in this industry, I have surely tested and checked more than 10 thousands of products and brands.

My blogs and Youtube channel is mainly focussed to help Indian home theater buyers who are primarily in three categories –

1. Want to build a Dream Theater but don’t know How & Where to Start?

2. Need right guidance, third party consultation and handholding while buying products

3. Confused between products, brands and choices.

If you belong to either, then you are at the right place and can hit the subscribe button confidently.

Optoma UHD 33 and Epson EH-TW 7100 are 4K Upscale Projectors using DLP XPR and 4K Pro UHD technology, respectively. Epson has 600 lumens lesser lamp output compared to Optoma's 3600 Lumens but this is what the Bright Mode looks like on Screen without Ambient Light.

The Contrast Ratio of Optoma is 10 times more than that of Epson's 100,000:1

Both the projectors support HDR10 Formats, though the color reproduction is different as Epson works on Proprietary 3LCD Technology, while Optoma works on Texas Instruments' 8 Segment Colorwheel DLP Technology.

While the Epson looks more colorful and bright, Optoma for certain modes, makes the image look dull, inspite of producing good colors with less highlights. The Eco Mode is surely a boon in both the projectors, but Epson makes it pleasurable for your eyes unlike Optoma.

Optoma has extremely low Input Lag compared to Epson, making it one of the first choices for Gamers. Optoma on normal mode can play for 10,000 hours, whereas Epson needs a lamp replacement at 5,000 hours. The cost for Epson lamp is around 8,500 INR making it still easy and cheap for service repairs in future.

The throw distance, lens shift features and Bluetooth support is one of the other features in Epson which makes it the first choice for Home Theater Buyers compared to Optoma which attracts a professional calibration and less flexibility in terms of placement. (No lens shift and less throw distance). The remote control operation is smooth in Epson compared to Optoma.

The projections are quite different in both the projector and I have found my winner. Let us know what you liked in the comments below and do not forget to mention the reason too.

If you need more guidance and want my help to design your dream home theater then click here.


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