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Sonodyne Micro 5.1 Home Theater Package | Made in India

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

Indian Hi-Fi Sound landscape is changing rapidly with Make in India products from country's finest music brand, Sonodyne.

Sonodyne has been very popular brand for Studio Monitors across the globe since many decades, and in the last 5 years the company has been aggressively venturing in the Home Cinema markets Nationally as well as Internationally. It seems that they are now revamping their Prime Residential series collection with some more products at amazing prices. One such package, Sonodyne Micro Series 5.1 has just made the Debut last month. And we have recently auditioned it in our experience center.

Before I jump into the conclusion of the performance of this package, let me run you through some specs of this package. Its 5.1 Package with 4 Satellites of Micro 3001 and

1 Center Speaker of Micro 3002. The satellites are 8 ohm speakers with 80Hz to 20kHz Frequency Range at -10dB and 87dB Sensitivity; whereas the center is 8 ohm too with 70Hz to 22kHz Frequency Range at -10dB and 90dB Sensitivity.

The best equipment in this system and personally my favourite is the Dual Bass Port Front Firing 8" Roarr 1108 Active Woofer. Its claimed to be only 100Watts RMS Woofer, but the punch tells something more.

I played this system with Marantz receiver at 150Hz Crossover; and to my surprise the Center speaker was too loud and sharp. I guess it happened for two reasons -

  1. High Sensitivity of 90dB

  2. 0.5" Polycone Tweeter

We changed the crossover of only center channel to 100Hz to add more low frequency range. But I guess that was not enough. I also had to reduce the High Frequency dB levels from Graphic EQ, starting from 1kHz at -0.5dB to 16kHz at -3.5dB. That's when I truly started enjoying the system.

I watched Bajirao Mastani's opening clip and the bass was actually Roarring from the Roarr 1108 Woofer. My room size was 11 feet x 13 feet, which is a typical bedroom or media room size in most of the apartments in metro cities. I guess the best combination of Sonodyne's Micro 5.1 package can be achieved with Marantz NR series receivers.

At ₹45,000/- retail price, Sonodyne Micro 5.1 Speaker Package is surely going to make its market share higher by reducing the shares of Polk TL-1600 and Elac Cinema 5 package. This high power and tight punch package is ideal for room sizes ranging from 100 sq ft to 220 sq ft. You can combine them with any atmos ceiling speakers around ₹15,000/- and enjoy the best 3D Surround Sound experience in your homes with your TVs.

The only compromise you have to do with this 'Made in India' package from Sonodyne is the finish quality of the speakers. The ABS Plastic Body is not great and the black finish tends to become dull soon.


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