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Soundbar vs Wired Speakers - Best Surround Sound System!

The war of Soundbars and Installed Sound System has been going on since many decades and it’s just getting bigger and wider with the technology evolving in both these segments.

Now before we decide who is the winner and what should you buy based on your requirements and budget, make sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel and turn on the notifications.

Coming back to the war of Surround Sounds, there are 2 types of surrounds that are playing a vital role –

  1. Virtual Surround -

  2. Real Surround

Now, Virtual surround technology is mostly observed in Soundbars which are packed with all the channels in one single cabinet. They have the front 3 speakers, 2 surround speakers and now-a-days atmos speakers too. But again, all of this in only one cabinet. So how do these soundbars really work?

They work on direction and orientation standards to deliver the virtual surround sound. And to achieve better results they need a typical room layout in a rectangular format with reflective side walls and rear wall.

For instance, in a typical All-in-One 5.1 Soundbar, the Front 3 Speakers or (LCR) are bundled near to each other and the surrounds are at farther end with an inclination (angle) on either side to throw the surround sound on your side wall which will further reflect it to your rear wall and finally to your ears....Woosh!

So if your bedroom meets these requirements, then and then only invest in these pocket friendly, slim and sleek, clutter less, wireless 5.1 surround soundbar. And you can buy our one of the most recommended All in One Virtual Surround Soundbar here

Don't worry if your rooms do not meet the above demands, Installed surround system is the best for your rescue. Though, their are two biggest challenges in these installed systems -

  • Wiring

  • Cost

Wiring should not be a challenge when you are planning in a under construction or renovation home. But are they better in performance?

Absolutely YES!!! There is no better sound than Installed Surround Speaker system for achieving true Home Cinema experience. It creates a desired separation between the speakers, the angles and height can be as per Dolby Standards

What can be done for existing premises, wherein you don't want to do cabling and install multiple speakers to avoid the additional cost?

Well, say hello to Modern Day Soundbars, which have a provision of detaching the side surrounds and placing them actually in the rear while watching a movie. These are battery powered surround speakers that are wirelessly connected to the main unit.

This way, you don’t have to worry about wiring and yet can enjoy installed sound effect of surround 5.1ch system.

And guess what, they are pocket friendly too!

Every win comes with something to lose!

And one of the biggest losses of these soundbars are the loss of center channel vocals.

The majority of sound in any home cinema experience, is produced by the front speakers and the center channel usually delivers only the dialogues or vocals. Now, as these three front speakers are kept very near to each other (in one cabinet), they over power each other’s sound and the vocals or dialogues are often not heard clearly in such scenarios.

The ideal distance for such soundbars is between 8 to 14 feet away.

If you have more queries about Soundbars vs Installed Speakers, then feel free to use My Services and I will be glad to help you!


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